It’s Good To Be Open For Business Again

It has been pretty bad, hasn’t it? If you were established before, you’ve outlived what came to be known as the Great Recession, a parody of the previous century’s Great Depression, to be sure. Perhaps there is irony in the history of it all, because listen to this. Sandwiched between that depression and the two great wars, there was the Spanish flu. And yet not many in recent years gave it much of a thought. Until now, that is. Because now of course, you are all dealing with COVID-19. And to be sure, it has been pretty bad, hasn’t it? Many businesses, usually the micro to small categories, have been forced to shut up shop.

Many of them, sadly, for good.

But as the lockdown restrictions were gradually eased over the last few months, many more businesses still have been able to get back on their feet in however way they could or were allowed to. You are quite excited by it. You see the open for business signs johnson city consumers are gleefully reclaiming. Well, they’re not exactly pushing against the store windows in their droves. But they are coming forward with a great deal of caution. Needless to say that retail-oriented businesses who still need to rely on visible foot traffic for their daily bread and butter have also had to adopt a cautionary approach.

And while there will be some who may grow tired and depressed at seeing it, you are still seeing it pretty much everywhere you go these days.

open for business signs johnson city

Whether they have something to do with regulations, rules, recommendations, even exploitative sales promotions, COVID-19 is doing a roaring trade. There is still sad irony in this because, unacceptably, people are still being affected by the virus.